Safety Instructions


Read all safety instructions. Failure to follow the instructions may result in electric shock, fire and/ or serious injury.

1. Do not install the product in locations exposed to rain or water.

2. Ensure the product is properly grounded before use.

3. Power off before cleaning and avoid corrosive chemicals.

4. Ensure power cable is not less than 0.75mm.

5. Keep the weight balance while using the hanger to avoid the bending of the poles and lifting bracket.

6. Do not operate the product during thunderstorm or windy weather.

7. Do not dismantle the product. For repair purpose, please contact us either by post or by email at the following address:

Address: 21 Woodlands Close #08-08, Singapore 737854

Contact number: +65 6397 4255


8. Cut off power supply and contact us when encountered with the following conditions:

  1. Host machine soaked by rain or other liquid drop in the product.
  2. The product not functioning properly according to the operation manual.

9. Do not operate the product with gas leaking nearby.

10. Do not be near the product while using the UV function.

11. While using up and down function:

  1. Do not put finger or any item into the lifting bracket
  2. Do not force the product to stop mechanically
  3. Ensure the stainless-steel wire rope is not tied into the lifting bracket
  4. Do not stand under the hanger

12. Ensure the air flow while using the heater function.

Maintenance and Repair

13. Do not use the product when the stainless-steel wire rope is broken.

14. Apply grease to the lifting bracket and slide rail annually.

15. Contact us if:

  1. there is water leakage from upper floor
  2. product is faulty
  3. stainless-steel wire rope is broken

Note: Warranty will be void if user opens the host machine without authorization.

Other Attentions

16. Do not expose the product directly under the sun.

17. Use soft cloth to clean the dust and dirt on the surface. Do not apply benzine, thinner or any abrasive powder.

18. Remove the batteries from controller when not expecting to use for long period of time.

19. Avoid hitting, knocking and getting wet during carrying.

20. Keep at cool and dry place for storage.