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  • Functions
    • Drying Bag
    • Fan
    • Hot Air
    • Work Quietly
  • Description

      • Drying bag that let the hot air to be effectively concentrated, speeding up the rapid heating of the clothes, avoiding overheating of the indoor temperature, and effectively preventing waste caused by heat loss.
      • Equipped with 6 heavy security PTC stoving design such as intelligent temperature control, constant temperature heating, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, temperature control, and timing.
      • Noise reduction and silent environment for your family.
      • LED panel light that is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.
      • ES electronic security system that ensure safety while bringing convenience.
      • Free five years warranty.

  • Specifications
    LED Power : 20W
    Power Consumption : 900W
    Dimension : L: 1000mm / W: 300mm / H: 85mm
    Pole Length : 1500mm - 2300mm
    Lifting Height : 1200mm
    Machine Weight : 15kg
    Product Colour : Champagne Gold / Space Gray
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