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  • Functions
    • Extend
    • Fan
    • Hot Air
    • Negative Oxygen Anion
    • UV Disinfection
    • Work Quietly
  • Description

      • Multifunctional shelf that satisfy your different drying requirements (such as shoes, socks, towels, toys).
      • Quick dry and UV light disinfection.
      • Powerful negative oxygen ion wind that improve air quality and promote body health.
      • Pole length extension from 2700mm to 3600mm.
      • Noise reduction and silent environment for your family.
      • LED panel light that is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.
      • ES electronic security system that ensure safety while bringing convenience.
      • Free five years warranty.

  • Specifications
    LED Power : 32W
    Power Consumption : 900W
    Dimension : L: 1536mm / W: 410mm / H: 95mm
    Pole Length : 2700mm - 3600mm
    Lifting Height : 1200mm
    Machine Weight : 20kg
    Product Colour : Amber Gold
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